sans x frisk regalo

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As of now, I have over 19,000 reads on Wattpad alone, and technically 20 chapters.
Below, I'm also including some images of the original designs of some of the characters.8 plus ones 8 no shares Post has attachment I have no idea why I am making so many of these Wolfe wolf: they're so cute!So I'm sure you've seen something like this 123,376,638,736 times, but as an aspiring novelist, I'd rubor like to ask that anyone interested read my AU/Fanfiction titled NovaTale.Venom Warrior Winterfang: This Is perfect Add a comment.Sans slightly blushed and looked away hiding in his jacket.He pulled Frisk close.Sans finished first then watched Frisk eat.Search Communities, search Collections.After about what seemed to be forever to Papyrus, Sans and Frisk woke up cuddled together under a blanket Papyrus had placed upon the two.There are a few OC's, but only one really plays a major role.
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Sans patted Frisk's back and she coughed from the pat and looked at Sans.Sans chuckled, "What can't take a joke?" Frisk threw the now empty ketchup bottle at the wall.7 plus ones 7 no shares Post has attachment * "Oh my god, Frisk." Toriel starts giggling."No problem brother and human." Sans and Frisk took the two plates of Spagetti the taller Skeleton held out.Enter a name Account Search Maps Play Gmail Contacts Drive Calendar Google Translate Photos More Shopping Docs Books Blogger cubas de agua para ganado Hangouts Keep Jamboard Collections Even more from Google Sign in 379 members - Public Sans x Frisk Welcome my Frans lovers!She let go and looked into his eyes.Press question mark to see available shortcut keys.Enter a name, has, attachments.When Frisk was about to put it on her Spagetti, it all went out at once.15 plus ones 15 no shares Post has attachment This is long overdue, I've had it for a while now Reese Whittington: honestly im surprised it took this long for lost snas to show up Add a comment.