At cloud height everything was completely green, but higher up the environment was desert-like and reminiscent of the Moon.
The rental-car approach would cost us 76 euro for the car itself (VW Polo,.4, 5 doors, with a radio and air conditioning) and 30 euro for the fuel (the fuel on the island was incredibly cheap).Bigger animal, bigger appetite!Since there were two of us, just these two tours would cost us 224 euro.Still, there were a lot of stones unturned El Drago, Los Gigantes and the village of Masca, Pasjare Lunar, La Laguna and other wonderful cities, at each of which I could easily spend a week.Dining, we have a buffet-style restaurant dining room, bar/café, snack bar with terrace, and other facilities for you to find yourself in a warm atmosphere.An impressive variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, as well as all-you-can eat dessert and ice cream during the evenings.We filled up the gas tank, since we did not know how much would we need (we ended up returning the car having spent over half of the fuel).I guess its impossible to truly get lost on this island, seeing how it is quite small and there are signs everywhere, pointing to the biggest cities.We had already been warned that last week the flight had been significantly delayed, with the 19:30 flight leaving Tenerife only at 03:30, which is two hours past the point that they were already supposed to be in Riga.
After this journey, though, my conclusion is that they are very much reachable, and somewhere that I would gladly return.One of our main goals when cuanto gana una enfermera con especialidad visiting The Teide National Park was, of course, to see the Teide volcano.In fact, there was no rain on any of the days that we spent on the island. .The air temperature on the overcrowded plane was very hot.This was quite frustrating, since we had already checked out of the hotel at 12:00, waited for the bus with all our suitcases until 16:30, and after all that we now had some more time to wait.The first thing we noticed upon our arrival at the park was the sweltering heat.We werent asked to deposit a sum mejor libro para regalar a un egresado universitario for security purposes, but the car was almost out of fuel when we got.We met with a tour guide, who told us about the available tours and their respective prices.Next, we continued our way on a cable car, to the height of 3555m.

Well, the plane in question had only left Riga 45 minutes ago, and the flight to Tenerife takes 6 hours.
Initially, there was only one in the tank, on top of which the trainer rode across the pool.
A tour to the top of the Teide volcano cost us 25 euro/person, after which we had some sandwiches (6.60 in total) and drank some water ( 1 euro for two bottles) during lunch.