regal tang fish family

They usually become sexually mature at 9 to 12 months, or 4 to 5 inches in length, and will.8 inches long by their 5th year if they are male.
Acanthurus species are often very territorial towards conspecifics in the wild, fiercely defending their area and foods.Burgess's Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes,.F.H Publications inc., 1990 Robert Fenner, Surgeonfishes: Tangs for Marine Aquariums, CreateSpace Indep.In the aquarium the attitudes of individual species vary, but they all tend to be aggressive towards their own kind.The fins are white and the eye is yellow.They are an especially great addition to a reef where they will continually graze on algae growth.They will not thrive in an aquarium with aggressive feeders or fish with belligerent personalities, such as triggerfish and large wrasses.If they are in a large school, a pair will break away and rise upward toward the surface and release their gametes.If you happened to accidentally ingest one, it probably wouldnt kill youbut youd likely come down with a bad case of diarrhea.
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Large Semi-Aggressive (tangs, large angels, large wrasses Monitor - Do not house with other tangs unless the tank is hundreds of gallons, nor with aggressive angelfish.Substrate Type: Any Lighting Needs: Any - Lighting is needed to provide algae growth on live rock.Compatible with: Same species - conspecifics: Yes cuanto gana un odontologo mensualmente en mexico - They can be kept in a small school in a large 10 foot tank, and also with other Acanthurus species that look different in this sized tank.Like their fellow tangs, they are fast, agile swimmers, spending a good deal of its time in the open water and moving in and out of crevices looking for that next algae morsel.It will quickly adapt to its environment and is quite hardy.However, they may vary in the size available and the prices will range depending on the size.This species has been reported to have a maximum longevity of 43 years in Bermuda (Mutz 2006).