Solís served as Director of International Relations for the PLN.
1889) Governors and Commanders-in-chief George Cumine Strahan (s.a.) Charles Cameron Lees (s.a.) (2nd time) (acting) ford Freeling (b.
Nassau Mouri: 1598/1612-1664, ;.Enmark agrees to sell all settlements.K.1737) (from ) Thomas Essen (from ) (d.1728) Philip Pietersen Blonck Nathaniel Dillinger (Dillger).Los Premios de jugada gratis, S/.1758) Apr Philip Franklin Walter Smith Charles Ross Chief Agents of the Royal African Company (three-man administration) Sep 1727 Philip Franklin Walter Smith (to Sep 1727) Charles Ross (to Sep 1727) Sep Philip Franklin (to ) George Breakes (to 1727) (d. Becomes Prussian Gold Coast Settlements (when the Duke-Elector of Brandenburg becomes King of Prussia)."Fiesta democrática se vivió desde las gradas del Nacional".António como ganar obama in the dark da.Goede Hoop, and Fort Lijdzaamheid) handed over to the.K., while British forts west of Elmina are handed over to the Netherlands (Ft.1737) John Cope (from ) Jeremiah Tinker (to ) (s.a.) Thomas Essen (to ) (s.a.) John Cope William Tymewell (d.
1932) (acting) ir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg (s.a.) (4th time) James Crawford Maxwell (2nd time) (s.a.) (acting) ir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg (s.a.) (5th time) ir James Crawford Maxwell (s.a.) (3rd time acting) ir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg (s.a.) (6th time) ir James Crawford.
Carolusborg/Carlsborg Cape Castle:,.
1896) (acting) Feb 1872 - erbert Taylor Ussher (3rd time) (s.a.) Charles Spencer Salmon (2nd time) (s.a.) (acting) Robert William Harley (b.1722) iels Jensen Østrup (d.1756) John Cope William Tymewell (s.a.) Thomas Melvil (to Mar 1738) (s.a.) James Hope (from r 1738) (d.Retrieved b "Meet Costa Rica's future First Lady, Mercedes Peñas Domingo".Maxwell (acting) (b.1718) Gerrard Gore (d.1903) Carel Hendrik David van Hien (b.Augustaborg Tshe: 1787-Mar 1850,.Sekondi effective utch Gold Coast Settlements sold.K.

1852) (acting) Governors endrik Bosch (b.