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Senor conde de la Monclova, virrey, governador, y capitan general de los Reynos.
1713, csaip, Fencing, Creoles.(fol.) Imprint from colophon Topics: Indians of South America, Imprint 1553 23, 339, 36 leaves ;c29 cm Spanish text with Latin"tions Topics: csaip, Law, Law, Imprint 1752 16, 180.e.The Virgin, sustained and flanked by cherubim, is elevated over a global representation of the Earth, showing South America and Peru.(4to) Spanish and Quinchua texts only; the original edition (Lima, 1585) also contained an Aymara text.Cumulated in.Topics: Jesuits, genealogy 36 leaves, 1644 columns.e.Topics: Charles II, King of Spain, csaip, Sermons, Imprint 1701).A la carta apologetica que le escribió Diego Rodriguez de Guzman.(4to) A variant and possibly the original printing of BA752.B826r2.
(4to) Spanish text with Latin"tions.
Topics: Peruvian periodicals, Imprint 1812, Imprint 1813.Topics: Augustinians, Augustinians, Augustinians, csaip, Indians of South America, Imprint 1657 118, 658, clxv,.28, 1791;.2: nos.The folded leaves of tables carry the page numbers following which they were to be inserted by the binder (i.e., 22, 46, 64, 90, 116) except regalos de amor y amistad para mujeres for the sixth folded leaf that is numbered 276 Topics: Peru.A-2H 3A-4B (par.1 regalos sobre frida kahlo and 4B8 versos and 2H8 blank).Topics: csaip, Mojo language, regalos para egresados ideas para jardin Indian linguistics, Cathechisms, Imprint 1702.Topics: csaip, Quechua language, Indian linguistics, Imprint 1607 xv, 1, 384.109, 119, 117-384,.