plant diseases (blights, rots, galls, canker, etc.
Spores of yeasts are most abundant in the air spora before dawn, spores of Phytophthora infestans late in the morning and spores of Cladosporium, Alternaria, and Ustilago in the afternoon.
(f) In paper industry, paper manufacture involves: the physical or chemical treatment of cellulosic material (e.g.
Scope of Microbiology:.From the point of view of benefitN2 fixing activity, use of microbes as bio -fertilizers and several other aspects are studied.An interesting aspect is the rumen (first chamber of stomach of herbivorous animals) symbiosis of microorganisms.The carbon dioxide produced during fermentation is responsible for the rising of the dough.Biotechnology: This is the most significant branch which may even change the course of life as we know today.Microorganisms produced through this technique can be profitably applied to decompose oil in oil spills and also in mining and oil recovery cupon 14 de abril industries.Many bacteria are unable to utilize cellulose, but they utilize the fungal breakdown products of cellulose.Microbiology Definition, microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and protists.
Complete oxidation yields carbon dioxide and water.
Blue-green algal fertilizer: Blue-green algae in mass scale for the use as fertilizers can be cultured by (i) tank culture method, and (ii) dry sand culture method.Branches of Microbiology : Microbiology is not a mere study of the structural diversity and classification of microbes, but encompasses the whole gamut of microbial life.Microbiology of Animals: Certain microorganisms remain regularly associated with animals (including insects) constituting the normal flora exhibiting a dynamic equilibrium.Trace elements (e.g., Zn, Cu, Co, etc.) are released by microorganisms during decay and their uptake by higher plants can be affected by bacteria growing on the root surface.An individual who is interested in microbiology may obtain a bachelors degree in biology or microbiology.The growth of the microorganisms causes blocking of fuel lines.

Besides, many other microorganisms are of great use to humans because the fermentation of various raw materials by them result in food like oriental foods, bread etc.
Industrial Microbiology: The role of microbes in Industrial Production is studied here.
Again rumen has an atmosphere suitable for development of continuous crop of microorganisms.