The balance should be comfortable and not extreme, and especially the bass should be clear so that we can hear the rhythm, but it should not be excessive and "boomy". .
We may even do a certain turn, shine or dip right at the end of the song. .
"Ahora Me Da Pena" by Henry Fiol. .So give us variety. .DJs should remember that although donde se cobran los premios de euromillones they may be spinning regalo gato blanco ojos azules many times per week for 5 - 6 hours, we are only dancing a couple of times per week for a couple hours. .Then we want to stop dancing with that partner and start dancing with another partner who is standing on the edge of the dance floor. .La enviamos por correo electrónico ya activada y es canjeable en una o varias veces.It makes dancers uncomfortable because they have to stay with the same partner because the song is not ending.One of these is El Gran Combo from Puerto Rico. .
Plus, there are virtually hundreds of wonderful classic salsa dance songs available. .
Please do not buy into the idea that "Oh, the Band is Everything".
"La Fe Tiene Calentura" by Alfredo de. .If the band is just too expensive, you can have one every other weekend.Imprímala en casa o reenvíela a su homenajeado.So while the band is playing, we're being smashed into by other dancers and non-dancers (holding and spilling their Budweisers martinis) on the floor. .Let The Song End Completely - The musicians composed a specific regalar sin reprochar ending to the song, and we dancers choreograph our movements to be timed to that ending. .If the songs are too fast, or are not salsa, most people will not dance and will be frustrated. .Also see online. .It's one of the best songs you ever heard by the way.

Play For The Dancers - Remember:  you are playing music for serious dancers to dance. .
More than anyone else, we know best what music goes well with our way of dancing. .