Say you manage to snag one of the GNXs for your own.
Buick is not about to let the GN go quietly, however, and will send the Regal out the door with one last ground-pounding model, the Grand National GNX.
Something about needing an anchor?
And while you may be thinking the GNX was the only "real" GN, you forget they initially released the pedestrian version that did.9 0-60.Buick Regal will very likely employ GMs new generation engines, and just like before, the US version will only be available with petrol engines.In fairness, however, those now-elderly machines, with names like Hemi Charger 500s, Six-Pack Super Bee, 4-4-2, The Judge and Buick's own GS 455 Stage I, had price tags more in the range.As for the engine, the new Buick Regal will probably feature the same engine options as the Insignia.There will only be 500 Grand National GNXs built, with a sticker of 26,000-28,000.Most likely a small.5-liter unit with around 180 horsepower will be chosen for a base version, while the bigger.0-liter version with closer to 300 horsepower.Engine revs will climb as you take up the slack in the torque converter.Quot;: Originally Posted by, white out, either way, it's not a Buick that's taking down everything else out there.To fit inside the Regal wheel wells, the housings had to be enlarged and are trimmed on the outside with wheel lip moldings.
When the Regal goes away, so will the Grand National.
For example, when R T tested a Grand National, we got to 60 mph.0 sec and through the quarter mile.7 sec.0 mph.
It'd be bonkers if they GNXed it and got in the.Update 03/16/ Buick Regal will be introduced at New York Auto Show in April.Officially, Buick claims a 0-60 ver cupon de la once mph time.4 sec for the GNX versus their Grand National number.9.It's this easy: Find a lonely straight road, preferably a drag strip.3.6k, shares, the Regal is a mid-size premium sedan which has been resurrected by Buick with the 2010 concept while it was launched to the market one year later.There may be a great deal in the normal versions of this Buick that seems old-fashioned, but with 245 bhp and 355 lb-ft of torque from its turbocharged, intercooled V-6, others find the GN to be just plain fun.

Source: m, a V6 is highly unlikely for the regular model but rumors say that the GNX might be using.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with around 340 horsepower.
The price is still likely going to start around 28,000 and go up to more than 50,000 for the rumored GNX Regal version meaning that there will be no major changes here.
Buick had already reached the limits of the Regal's suspension with the Grand National, so the GNX is beefed up still more.