It has a stylish, contemporary design while cuanto gana un uber a la semana still producing the legendary cooking results you have come to expect from.
5 Heavy-duty Stainless Steel cooking grids.
The high quality steel ensures excellent heat retention and long lasting durability, and they're easy to clean., dual-tube burners are designed to ensure a consistent flame from front to back, providing even and efficient heat distribution at the cooking surface.
Key Features:, therma-Cast aluminium oven with Stainless Steel outer wrap.Stainless steel handles.Push button Sure-Lite ignition system.In rural areas, should the power ever go out, you have an alternative means of preparing food.Gas regulator and hose included.All the features that have made us an industry leader are underneath the sleek and modern lid.Stainless Steel cooking system.For the outdoor chef who wants the best in both style and function, at an exceptional value, look no further than the.
Regal, series., massive Stainless Steel Cooking Grids : Broil King's cooking grids deliver the best heat retention for searing power, which locks in juices and flavor.
Fuel: Butane and propane gas.Try using the side burner to reduce the drippings from rotisserie or convection grilling to create delicious barbecue gravy.Side Burner, the high-powered 10,000 BTU commercial-grade side burner which is integrated into the side shelf.Premium Powder-coat epoxy paint finish on cabinet and base.This is a fantastic feature in hot climates.Broil King Cookbook included.

Stainless Steel side shelves.